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Independence Square from State StreetIndependence Square from State Street (11/04/2017) Independence Square viewed from State Street.

Independence Square - MurrayIndependence Square - Murray (11/04/2017) Independence Square at 5300 South State Street in Murray is an office complex where the buildings are replicas of historic buildings.

Independence SquareIndependence Square (11/04/2017) The Office Complex has four buildings surrounding a large parking lot. It is fun to walk through the parking lot, but it is not really a pedestrian friendly design.

Independence SquareIndependence Square (11/04/2017) Independence Square is an office complex replicating designs of historic American structures.

Liberty HallLiberty Hall (11/04/2017) This building in Independence Square is a replica of Independence Square.

Independence SquareIndependence Square (11/04/2017) A historic replica at Independence Square in Murray.

Independence SquareIndependence Square (11/04/2017) This office complex has replicas of historic buildings.

Independence SquareIndependence Square (11/04/2017) Independence Square is a office complex at about 5500 South State.

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Independence Square

There are some interesting building tops that one can see from State Street and 5600 South. Assuming that the buildings were some sort of government structure, I decided to take a peak.

The buildings are part of an office complex called Independence Square. The construction project was the brain child of three brothers ( Jon, Brent and Greg Winget ). They were tired of the glass skyscraper motif and wanted to build an office complex based on historic buildings.

The buildings are replicas of Independence Hall, Monticello and other structures that played a role in early US history.

The office complex is build around a large parking lot. The best way to see the buildings is to walk into the middle of the parking lot. I think the idea would work better if the area was a bit more pedestrian friendly.

I really like this idea of historic replicas. I would love to see more of this type of architecture.

As for the occupants of the offices. It appears to be a random selection of small firms that were looking for nicer office space.

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