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Achille s CulvertAchille s Culvert (01/19/2018) The county repaired the Neff Creek Culvert under Achilles Drive with this composite liner. Since this liner is smoother than the corrugated steel the culvert should have a faster through put.

Truck with Air PumpTruck with Air Pump (01/19/2018) This truck has a large air pump that they used in the repair of the Neff Creek culvert.

Volvo BackhoeVolvo Backhoe (01/19/2018) This piece of equipment began worked on the culvert under Achilles Drive. The backbone shaped item has ultra violet lights that they used to harden the material they placed in the culvert.

Mysterious BoxMysterious Box (01/19/2018) Salt Lake County installed a liner in the failed culvert near my folk's house. The liner came in these boxes.

Corroded PipeCorroded Pipe (01/26/2018) This is a corroded corrugated pipe pulled out from under the Churchill Playground in the Olympus Cove.

Digging OlympusDigging Olympus (01/26/2018) A crew digs a trench for a new culvert in the Mount Olympus area.

1-6 Pictures

There is an mysterious underground network of mysterious tunnels under our cities. Most of this is locked off to the public. So, I decided that, on the rare occasions that I encounter an opening to this network, I should take a picture.

I am starting with pictures taken during a repair of the Neff Creek Culvert under Achilles Drive near my parent's house.

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