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Holladay McDonald sHolladay McDonald s (11/05/2013) I had an Egg McMuffin then proceeded to take a picture of this McDonald's at 1877 Murray Holladay Road.

Micky D sMicky D s (08/23/2008) Mount Olympus frames the McDonalds Restaurant on 3300 South 3300 East. This building was recently (~2012) replaced by a new McDonalds Store. Click picture to see the new building

McDonalds - SugarhouseMcDonalds - Sugarhouse (10/28/2013) The Sugarhouse McDonald's at 935 East 2100 South has an interior playhouse.

3300 South McDonalds3300 South McDonalds (04/04/2014) They tore down the McDonald's on 3300 South and built a new McDonalds. Click the picture to see the old building.

The New Micky D sThe New Micky D s (04/04/2014) This is the new McDonald's on 3300 South and about 3000 East. It has a large retaining wall.

Ronald McDonald HouseRonald McDonald House (04/10/2014) This is the newly expanded Ronald McDonald House on South Temple. The facility provides rooms for families needing medical attention for their kids.

McDonald Play PlaceMcDonald Play Place (02/10/2018) This is the McDonald's Playplace at 3890 S 1100 E, Salt Lake City, UT.

1-7 Pictures

McDonald's is a mega chain of fast food restaurants. The chain was founded as a BBQ joint in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. They switched to an assembly style store concentrating on hamburgers. Ray Kroc started a McDonald's franchise in 1955 and soon bought out the franchise and started the company's era of rapid growth.

The chain has produced numerous billionaires including Jon Huntsman (who sold styrofoam containers for Big Macs) and JR Simplot who developed a uniform potato for use as french fries.

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Wendy s (1 pictures) This gallery shows Wendy's Restaurants.


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