Noah s - South Jordan

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Noah s Noah s (10/24/2011) Noah's is an entertainment facility in South Joran.

NoahsNoahs (10/24/2011) Noahs is a meeting facility in South Jordan.

Noah s Noah s (10/24/2011) The Main Hall is on the lower two floors with an open patio on the roof.

Neighboring BuildingNeighboring Building (10/24/2011) There is an intriguing building across this empty field from Noah's.

South EntranceSouth Entrance (10/24/2011) The South Entrance to the Noah's reception center in South Jordan.

Waiting AreaWaiting Area (10/24/2011) There are intriguing art displays in the waiting rooms at Noah's.

Waiting AreaWaiting Area (10/24/2011) A waiting area at the entrance to Noah's.

River s Edge SchoolRiver s Edge School (10/24/2011) River's Edge School in South Jordan offers Middle and High School Education for special needs children in the Jordan School District.

Noah sNoah s (10/24/2011) A view of the Noah's reception facility from the South.

10808 Jordan Gateway10808 Jordan Gateway (10/24/2011) A building at 10808 Jordan Gateway.

From Jordan GatewayFrom Jordan Gateway (10/24/2011) The front view of Noahs from the Jordan Gateway.

Noah sNoah s (10/24/2011) The Noah's event center in South Jordan.

River s Edge SchoolRiver s Edge School (10/24/2011) River's Edge School in South Jordan sports windmills and solar panels.

10808 Jordan Gateway10808 Jordan Gateway (10/24/2011) Entry way to 10808 Jordan Gateway.

Train TracksTrain Tracks (10/24/2011) The Train Tracks running to the Weat of Noah's in South Jordan.

Young TreeYoung Tree (10/24/2011) Noah's was built in 2008. It is surrounded by young trees.

Main HallMain Hall (10/24/2011) The Main Hall can seat 300 at a banquet and 500 in dance configuration. The two story hall has a ceiling grid system that can hold overhead displays. The ceiling is lowered to create the next display.

Main HallMain Hall (10/24/2011) The two store Main Hall has an upper balcony with intimate seating. The ceiling grid is lowered and you can see the head of the display designer on the right side of the image.

Balcony SeatingBalcony Seating (10/24/2011) Balcony Seating in the Main Hall at Noah's.

Main Hall from the BalconyMain Hall from the Balcony (10/24/2011) A view of the main hall from the balcony. The ceiling grid is in down position.

40 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40

Noah's - South Jordan

Noah's is an interesting new venue in South Jordan. The multistory building includes a variety of meeting spaces including a small theatre, game room, meeting rooms and banquet facilities.

The banquet rooms use a grid ceiling system that allows decorators to dangle interesting displays over a banquet for interesting sky effects. I visited the site on a Monday Morning when the staff was cleaning up in preparation for a week of festivities.

I added Noah's to the venue section of Salt Lake Sites. I suspect that the majority of events at Noahs are private in nature (weddings, corporate events and family reunions). If you are hosting a public event at Noahs, please feel free to add it to the Salt Lake Calendar.

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Jordan River Parkway (104 pictures) After visiting Noahs, I took a walk along the South Jordan stretch of the Jordan River.


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