Gallivan Plaza

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Wells Fargo TowerWells Fargo Tower (06/25/2009) A view of the Wells Fargo Tower in the Gallivan Center of Salt Lake City.

Big City BuildingsBig City Buildings (06/25/2009) A view of the building at the Salt Lake City Gallivan Center.

Gallivan PlazaGallivan Plaza (06/25/2009) The Gallivan Plaza viewed from State Street.

Walker CenterWalker Center (06/25/2009) Looking down 200 South toward the tower of the Walker Center in downtown Salt Lake City.

Three TowersThree Towers (06/25/2009) This view of the Gallivan Plaza from State Street shows three towers: The Marriott, Wells Fargo Building and Walker Center.

Gallivan Center NorthGallivan Center North (06/25/2009) This view from State Street shows the towers of the Gallivan Center (with the American Towers in the distance).

Marriott HotelMarriott Hotel (06/25/2009) The new Marriott Hotel between State Street and the Gallivan Plaza is a good central location for trips to Utah's capitol city.

American Stores TowerAmerican Stores Tower (06/25/2009) A view of the Wells Fargo Tower (formerly the American Stores tower) in salt lake city.

Marriott HotelMarriott Hotel (06/25/2009) The Marriott Hotel offers modern clearn lodging at its tower on the Gallivan Plaza.

Under Street ParkingUnder Street Parking (06/25/2009) A car drops into the understreet parking North of the Gallivan Plaza on 200 South.

Salt Lake Marriott CenterSalt Lake Marriott Center (06/25/2009) The Salt Lake Marriott Center viewed from 200 South and Main.

Gallivan Plaza TraxGallivan Plaza Trax (06/25/2009) A fashionable lady buys a ticket at the kiosk at the Gallivan Center Trax.

Gallivan Center TraxGallivan Center Trax (06/25/2009) Gallivan Center Trax on Main Street.

Sam Weller s BooksSam Weller s Books (06/25/2009) Sam Weller's Book store is located across the street from the Gallivan Plaza.

222 South Main Construction222 South Main Construction (04/15/2009) New construction in downtown Salt Lake City west of the Gallivan Trax Stop.

Gallivan in the SnowGallivan in the Snow (04/15/2009) A snowy picture of the entrance to the Gallivan Center.

Boston StoreBoston Store (02/12/2001) The Boston Store from the Galavan Trax Station.

Galavan PlazaGalavan Plaza (02/12/2001) Lit up for a festival.

Galavan LightsGalavan Lights (02/12/2001) The plaza is lit up for Winter Festivals.

Galavan PlazaGalavan Plaza (02/12/2001) Skaters in the Galavan Pavilion.

45 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-45

The Gallivan Plaza is in downtown Salt Lake City. The open plaza was constructed with the American Stores Building (which is now the Wells Fargo Building.) The plaza includes stages, an ice skating rink and restaurants.

The Gallivan Plaza the site for many public events, including several open air concerts and the 2002 Salt Lake Arts Festival.

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Salt Lake City (436 pictures) This is in central Salt Lake. I put all of the pictures of downtown under this subject.

UTA Trax (156 pictures) This is one of the stops on Trax. It is where you transfer from Sandy trains to University Trains.

2002 SLC Games (64 pictures) The Gallivan Center was a center for many of the Olympic festivities in 2002.


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