Fort Union

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Super TargetSuper Target (02/12/2018) This is the Super Target in the Fort Union area of Cottonwood Heights.

Fort UnionFort Union (10/10/2005) Office complex in the Fort Union area.

Little CottonwoodLittle Cottonwood (10/10/2005) Little Cottonwood Creek runs through Fort Union.

Glass TowersGlass Towers (10/10/2005) One of the glass towers in the Fort Union area.

Fort UnionFort Union (10/10/2005) The Fort Union area contains a layout of modern office buildings framed by Little Cottonwood Creek.

Little Cottonwood CreekLittle Cottonwood Creek (10/10/2005) Little Cottonwood Creek in the Fort Union area. Lone Peak is in the distance.

Fort Union TowersFort Union Towers (10/10/2005) Fort Union Towers.

Fort Union GardensFort Union Gardens (10/10/2005) A small strip of green around Fort Union provides a few interesting shots of the area.

Fort UnionFort Union (10/10/2005) Fort Union is on the slope leading to the Wasatch Mountains. It is about 3 miles away from the base of Twin Peak.

Union Park CenterUnion Park Center (10/10/2005) Union Park Center in Fort Union.

Fort UnionFort Union (10/10/2005) Office Tower at Fort Union.

Fort Union OfficeFort Union Office (10/10/2005) Fort Union office with Twin Peak in the distance.

Ballys Total FitnessBallys Total Fitness (10/10/2005) Ballys Total Fitness in Fort Union.

Union FortUnion Fort (10/10/2005) Marker for Union Fort ... an early fort in the Salt Lake Valley.

Fort UnionFort Union (10/10/2005) Office tower in the Fort Union area.

Office TowerOffice Tower (10/10/2005)

Fort UnionFort Union (10/10/2005) Maze of parking lots.

Mount OlympusMount Olympus (10/10/2005) Mount Olympus from Fort Union.

Little Cottonwood CreekLittle Cottonwood Creek (10/10/2005) The creek sneaks behind the office towers.

Quaint BridgeQuaint Bridge (10/10/2005) A quaint bridge across Little Cottonwood creek.

Fort UnionFort Union (10/10/2005) There are several quaint bridges connecting pieces of the parking lots in the Union Park Center area.

Lone Star TaqueriaLone Star Taqueria (04/14/2008) This is a fun taqueria on Ft Union Boulevard.

Lone Star TaqueriaLone Star Taqueria (04/14/2008) This is a fun fast food joint on Fort Union Boulevard.

Business DisplayBusiness Display (04/14/2008) A crashed car and old boots decorate the Lone Star Taqueria in Fort Union.

Whole FoodsWhole Foods (08/19/2009) Earlier this week, I bought some bison at the Whole Foods in Sandy. The Left is boycotting WholeFoods because they offer Health Savings Accounts to employees and not Insurance.

Zurchers Fort UnionZurchers Fort Union (02/12/2018) Zurchers fills a building that housed a Circuit City decades ago.

Super TargetSuper Target (02/12/2018) This is the Super Target in the Fort Union area of Cottonwood Heights.

Prettyman ConstructionPrettyman Construction (02/12/2018) The logo for Prettyman Construction is on this historic building in the center of the Fort Union Shopping District. I assume that this was one of the buildings of Union Fort. Construction on the fort began in 1847.

1-28 Pictures

Fort Union

This gallery includes pictures from the Fort Union area in the Southern portion of the Salt Lake Valley. The most notable feature of the Fort Union area is the Union Park Office Complex. Fort Union is also home to major stores including:

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