Churchill Junior High School

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Verizon TreeVerizon Tree (10/24/2017) Verizon is building an artificial tree at the school ... just in time for Christmas.

Verizon Tower BaseVerizon Tower Base (10/04/2017) Verizon is constructing a cellphone tower at the local school. This is the base with Mount Olympus in the background. I understand the tower will be camouflaged as a tree.

Viney MossViney Moss (08/25/2013) This Moss covered a good portion of the vacant field at Churchill. The groundskeepers mowed it all down. Perhaps it is an ornamental moss going wild.

Wasatch CleanupWasatch Cleanup (09/04/2014) This mountain of garbage in the Churchill parking lot was picked up during a cleanup along Wasatch Boulevard.

Cleanup DayCleanup Day (09/04/2014) This mountain of garbage was created during a street cleanup day on August 7.

Churchill WalkwayChurchill Walkway (05/24/2010) Walkway between Churchill and the LDS Seminary.

Muddy PathMuddy Path (05/24/2010) The path to the school gets muddy in snow.

Churchill Middle School in MayChurchill Middle School in May (05/24/2010) You can see the pattern of the freshly mowed lawn under the late May snow.

Climbing the StairsClimbing the Stairs (12/15/2009) A cyclist walks his bike up the stairs at Churchill Junior High.

Sled FieldSled Field (12/15/2009) Usually there is a big crowd sledding on the Churchill field at this time of day.

Mount OlympusMount Olympus (03/15/2009) Mount Olympus viewed from Churchill Junior High School.

Portable ClassroomPortable Classroom (07/08/2008) Workers prepare to remove the portable classrooms that served as a temporary home for the students from Wasatch.

School s OutSchool s Out (07/08/2008) Workers prepare to move portable classrooms from Churchill Junior High.

Portable ClassroomPortable Classroom (07/08/2008) Moving the portable classrooms vacates the parking lot. I wonder if they will revert the extended parking lot back to a tennis court or other recreation facility.

Moving the ClassroomsMoving the Classrooms (07/08/2008) I wonder if they took the children out of the classrooms before moving them?

GoatsbeardGoatsbeard (07/02/2008) The distinctive globe of a salsify (goatsbeard) in the Churchill field.

Churchill Framed by Grandeur PeakChurchill Framed by Grandeur Peak (02/11/2008) Churchill Middle School framed by Grandeur Peak.

Grandeur PeakGrandeur Peak (02/11/2008) The light on the peak highlights the steep drop into Rattlesnake Gultch on Grandeur Peak.

Stefan in CoolStefan in Cool (02/11/2008) Admiring fans of Stefan (or possibly Stefan himself) stomped "Stefan is Cool" into the snow at the base of Churchill Junior High School.

Mount GrandeurMount Grandeur (10/25/2007) Grandeur Peak from the Churchill Playing Field.

51 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-51

Churchill Junior High School

This gallery shows pictures of Churchill Junior High School in the Olympus Cove area of Salt Lake City. The school is administered by the Granite School District.

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