Millcreek Township

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Gymnastic Training CenterGymnastic Training Center (10/29/2017) GTC offers gymnastic training and hosts gymnastic events. They have a facility at 1470 East 3300 South in Mill Creek.

C. Kay Cummings ChocolateC. Kay Cummings Chocolate (10/22/2017) C Kays Cummings has a chocolate outlet on 3300 South.

AL Thrift on 33rdAL Thrift on 33rd (10/21/2017) The Assistance League has a thrift store on 3300 South in Mill Creek Township.

Millcreek BicyclesMillcreek Bicycles (01/29/2014) Image shows Millcreek Bicycle Shop framed by the opening of Mill Creek Canyon in the Olympus Hills Shopping Mall.

MillcreekMillcreek (00/00/0000) I am on a hill overlooking the neighborhood at the mouth of Mill Creek Canyon. Yes, As a matter of fact, I was completely lost. This view was from a dead end circle street.

Multilevel HomeMultilevel Home (00/00/0000) This house is on the rim overlooking the mouth of Mill Creek Canyon. I like this design with a patio on top of the garage.

Mill Creek HomeMill Creek Home (03/01/2013) An interesting modern house in the Mill Creek area.

Mt OlympusMt Olympus (03/01/2013) Mount Olympus viewed from Wasatch Junior High School [3750 South 3100 East].

Christ United ChurchChrist United Church (04/03/2013) Christ United is a Methodist Church at 2327 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, UT.

City of MillcreekCity of Millcreek (06/16/2012) 2012 was the big year for residents of Mill Creek Township to decide if they wanted to become MillCreek City (the measure lost in the general election).

Mill Creek Community CenterMill Creek Community Center (03/01/2013) Millcreek Community Center is a multimillion dollar multiuse facility built in Evergreen Park in 2012

Mill Creek Station 106Mill Creek Station 106 (03/29/2013) The new fire station at 1911 East 3300 South, SLC, Utah.

From EvergreenFrom Evergreen (03/01/2013) A view of the Mill Creek Community Center from Evergreen Avenue.

Mill Creek Community CenterMill Creek Community Center (03/01/2013) Mill Creek Community as seen from Evergreen Park.

Overhanging OfficeOverhanging Office (06/06/2010) I love the design of this building with an office overhanging Mill Creek.

Into South Salt LakeInto South Salt Lake (12/16/2008) This picture shows 3900 South from the Trax Station with the mouth of Millcreek Canyon highlighted in the distance.

Millcreek TownshipMillcreek Township (12/16/2008) This sign along the Jordan River welcomes people to Millcreek township. There was talk of Millcreek and South Salt Lake merging.

Mill Creek CafeMill Creek Cafe (08/23/2008) Mill Creek Cafe on 3300 South is opened for Breakfast and Lunch.

MillCreek CafeMillCreek Cafe (08/23/2008) This picture shows Millcreek Cafe framed by Millcreek Canyon.

Beehive GlassBeehive Glass (08/23/2008) Beehive Glass on 3070 East 3300 South offers a variety of glass creations including glass art, mirrors, glass doors and commercial glass rail projects.

84 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-84

Millcreek Township

Millcreek Township refers to the unicorporated area in Salt Lake County between the mount of Parleys Canyon and Holladay.

The township houses about 70,000 people. It includes the Mount Olympus Cove, Millcreek and Canyon Rims neighborhoods.

The county is currently (March 26 - April 15, 2008) engaged in a survey process to solicit information about the future of the unincorporated areas.

The proposed Mill Creek City is an angle shape. The The Mill Creek Township (East) Map shows the central portion of the city. The map runs from 1100 East to Wasatch Boulevard. It misses The South Salt Lake and Olympus Cove portion of the town.

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Mill Creek Canyon (193 pictures) Pictures of Mill Creek Canyon.

Parleys Creek (43 pictures) Parleys Creek runs on the Northern border of the township.

Parley s Crossing (76 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of the Parleys Crossing area at the mouth of Parleys Canyon.

Parley's Hollow (82 pictures) This gallery shows Tanners Park and Parleys Hollow on the North end of Millcreek Township.

3900 South (69 pictures) This gallery shows pictures from along 3900 South which runs through Millcreek Township.

Canyon Rim Park (26 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of Canyon Rim Park (which is home of the Outdoors Festival).

Skyline High School (56 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of Skyline High School and Wasatch Junior High School which serve the Millcreek Township.

Eastwood Elementary School (26 pictures) Eastwood Elementary sits to the East of the intersection of Wasatch Boulevard and 3300 South in Millcreek Township.

3300 South (76 pictures) 3300 South is a main drag heading East West through Millcreek Township.

Evergreen Park (39 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of Evergreen Park in Mill Creek Township.

South Salt Lake (12 pictures) There was a movement to merge Millcreek Township and South Salt Lake. The idea went to vote in 2012, but was rejected.


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