Brickyard Plaza

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Element 31Element 31 (10/13/2017) Element 31 is a new apartment complex the Brickyard area. This picture shows the final stage of construction a year of so ago.

Dave s Health and NutritionDave s Health and Nutrition (03/13/2008) Dave's Health and Nutrition is located just south of the Brickyard on 3300 South.

Gas StationGas Station (03/13/2008) This gas station is located near the South Entrance to the Brickyard Plaza.

Roberts Arts and CraftsRoberts Arts and Crafts (03/13/2008) There are several craft stores in the Brickyard Plaza.

Brickyard Animal HospitalBrickyard Animal Hospital (03/13/2008) The Brickyard Animal Hospital is at the main entrance to Brickyard Plaza from 3300 South.

HarmonsHarmons (03/13/2008) Harmons is an independent grocery store in the Brickyard Plaza.

GMA BuildingGMA Building (03/13/2008) This building sits at the intersection of Brickyard Road and 1300 East.

Wok and RollWok and Roll (03/13/2008) The Wok and Roll and Hyland Pharmacy occupy a new strip mall East of Brickyard Plaza.

Hyland PharmacyHyland Pharmacy (03/13/2008) Hyland Pharmacy and other shops in the Brickyard area.

Wells Fargo - BrickyardWells Fargo - Brickyard (03/13/2008) Wells Fargo has a branch on Bricyard Road and 1300 East.

Washington MutualWashington Mutual (03/13/2008) A picture of the Washington Mutual bank on 1300 East framed by Mount Olympus.

Brickyard TowerBrickyard Tower (03/13/2008) You can see the reflection of the mountains in this front view of the Brickyard Office Tower. The brickyard smoke stack is on the left side of the photo.

Office Max and StoresOffice Max and Stores (03/13/2008) Ross Dress for Less and Office Max are anchor stores at the Brickyard Plaza.

Brickyard PlaceBrickyard Place (03/13/2008) A strip of stores in the Brickyard Plaza.

Brickyard Office TowerBrickyard Office Tower (03/13/2008) The main entrance on the west side of the Brickyard Office Tower.

The TowerThe Tower (03/13/2008) The developers kept one of the brick smoke stacks to highlight the namesake of the Brickyard Plaza.

A Nest of StoresA Nest of Stores (03/13/2008) There is a whole nest of stores and consumer related business in the central court of the Brickyard Plaza.

Main CourtMain Court (03/13/2008) I am on Brickyard Road looking toward the main court of the shopping center.

Brickyard CondosBrickyard Condos (03/13/2008) There is a condominium complex Northwest of the Plaza.

Reflections on the Duck PondReflections on the Duck Pond (03/13/2008) A duck pond adds serenity to the Brickyard Condominiums.

45 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-45

Brickyard Plaza - SLC, Utah

This gallery shows pictures of the Brickyard Plaza on the border of Salt Lake City and Millcreek Township [on the corner of 1300 East and 3300 South. For this gallery, I simply took a walk down Brickyard Road, to 3300 South and back up to the Harmons Parking Lot.

The Plaza was originally a brickyard. For namesake, the plaza retains one of the towers of the Brickyard. The site is administered by the Boyer Company, which also owns The Gateway Plaza and Jordan Landing.

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1300 East (26 pictures) The Brickyard Plaza is on the Western side of 1300 South at 3100 East.

Salt Lake City (436 pictures) From maps of the area, it appears the Plaza is part of Salt Lake City, while the businesses on the street are part of the unincorporated area known as Millcreek Township.

Millcreek Township (81 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of Millcreek Township.

Sugar House District (209 pictures) The Sugarhouse Shopping District is due north of Brickyard.

3300 South (76 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of 3300 South.

Gateway Plaza - Salt Lake City (118 pictures) The Boyer Company operates the Gateway Plaza in Salt Lake City.

Jordan Landing (35 pictures) The Boyer Company operates Jordan Landing.


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