Cottonwood Heights

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Super TargetSuper Target (02/12/2018) This is the Super Target in the Fort Union area of Cottonwood Heights.

Cottonwood HeightsCottonwood Heights (12/25/2013) An office complex in Cottonwood Heights

Cottonwood HeightsCottonwood Heights (12/25/2013) Cottonwood Heights sports a number of modern offices at the foot of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

View of the ValleyView of the Valley (12/25/2013) Image shows a view of the Salt Lake Valley from Cottonwood Heights.

Foot BridgeFoot Bridge (06/06/2010) A foot bridge across Big Cottonwood creek at the Reservoir in Cottonwood Heights.

Deseret Paper MillDeseret Paper Mill (06/06/2010) The Old Mill Paper Mill is a granite building designed by Henry Grow in 1883. The mill provided paper for the Deseret News.

Deseret Paper MillDeseret Paper Mill (06/06/2010) The Deseret Paper Mill was built in 1883 and suffered a catastrophic fire a decade later.

Deseret Paper MillDeseret Paper Mill (06/15/2010) This picture shows the old Granite Paper Mill just West of Wasatch Boulevard. The road barrier on the hill is Wasatch.

Hog WallowHog Wallow (06/15/2010) The Hog Wallow is a Salt Lake Night Club offering live music and food. The smoke in the picture is from the grill.

Big Cottonwood Cayon RoadBig Cottonwood Cayon Road (06/15/2010) This is the road just South of Old Mill Park in Cottonwood Heights.

Foot BridgeFoot Bridge (06/06/2010) A foot bridge completes the loop around the Old Mill Reservoir on Big Cottonwood.

Cottonwood Heights TrailCottonwood Heights Trail (06/06/2010) A foot trail in Cottonwood Heights offers covered bridges or cycling space.

3/4 Mile Rock3/4 Mile Rock (06/06/2010) This rock comemorates three quarters of a mile.

The Old MillThe Old Mill (06/06/2010) The Old Mill is an abandonned granite building in Cottonwood heights. It is closed to the public.

Big Cottonwood CanyonBig Cottonwood Canyon (05/10/2010) A picture from Old Mill Reservoir shows Wasatch Boulevard dropping into Big Cottonwood Canyon

Old Mill ParkOld Mill Park (05/10/2010) Old Mill Park in Cottonwood Heights.

Cottonwood Heights Fire StationCottonwood Heights Fire Station (12/25/2013) The Cottonwood Heights Fire Station is located at 8303 Wasatch Boulevard.

Cottonwood Height Office ComplexCottonwood Height Office Complex (12/25/2013) An office at the Cottonwood Heights office complex.

Cottonwood Heights Fire StationsCottonwood Heights Fire Stations (12/25/2013) This picture shows the Cottonwood Heights Fire Station located at 8303 Wasatch Boulevard.

Office BuildingOffice Building (12/25/2013) An office building in Cottonwood Heights has an impressive retaining wall.

Parking GargageParking Gargage (12/25/2013) A garage and office in Cottonwood Heights.

Old MillOld Mill (12/25/2013) The old mill in Cottonwood Heights.

Zurchers Fort UnionZurchers Fort Union (02/12/2018) Zurchers fills a building that housed a Circuit City decades ago.

Super TargetSuper Target (02/12/2018) This is the Super Target in the Fort Union area of Cottonwood Heights.

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Cottonwood Heights

Cottonwood Heights is town at the mouth of the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons in the Southeast stretches of the Salt Lake Valley..

The town was incorporated on January 14 2005 with an area of 6.8 square miles. The 2000 census pegged the population at 27,569 well off people.

The business parks in the Knudsen Corner area of the town is headquarters for, Fusion-io, Jetblue, Mrs. Fields Cookies and other notable firms.

Cottonwood Heights has quick access to the ski areas in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon along with freeway access to Salt Lake City.


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Big Cottonwood Canyon (151 pictures) Big Cottonwood Canyon is a spectacular canyon featuring major ski resorts, climbing and hiking opportunities.

Old Mill Park (71 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of the Old Mill Park in Cottonwood Heights.

Little Cottonwood Canyon (16 pictures) Little Cottonwood Canyon is an impressive canyon through the granite of the Wasatch Mountains that includes two major ski resorts.

Wasatch Boulevard (71 pictures) Wasatch Boulevard provides access to the Eastern side of Cottonwood Heights.

Fort Union (28 pictures) The Fort Union Area is to the Northwest of Cottonwood Heights.

Sandy, Utah (150 pictures) Sandy City is to the Southwest of Cottonwood Heights.

Midvale Utah (31 pictures) Midvale is due west of Cottonwood Heights.

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) Cottonwood Heights is in foothills (East Bench) of the Wasatch Mountains.


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